At ComPhys Lab, we develop computer models of language behaviour to investigate the juncture of grammatical competence, language usage and neurophysiological and psycho-cognitive correlates of verbal communication. Our ultimate goal is to understand the interplay between language-specific processes and tasks such as language acquisition, comprehension and production, reading, writing and translation on the one hand, and language-aspecific cognitive functions such as perception, imitation, categorisation, prediction, generalisation and memory on the other hand.

The lab intends to promote  technological innovation in the biomedical sector, for the diagnosis and therapy of language and communication disorders, in language education, for language testing and teaching in noisy or deprived input conditions, and in computer-assisted communication, for the enhancement of receptive and expressive verbal skills.

ComPhys Lab originates from an interdepartmental cooperation between the CNR Institute for Computational Linguistics (ILC) and the CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology (IFC).

physiology of communication